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PLN Comparison Chart

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We talk about creating your own online Personal Learning Network (PLN) by checking out multiple different tools. Here's a chart comparing the tools we mentioned that might help you make your decision as to where you would want to spend your time. Are there other questions you would like answered about these tools? Let us know.


What is the main purpose of this site? A platform where users can voice their opinions. A place to interact with friends. A place to interact with those of like mind. Nings are available for almost anything you can imagine. A platform where users can voice their opinions, in 140 characters or less. A platform where users share videos.
How can I use it for professional development? Blog your own professional experiences or follow blogs of other educators. Friend those you meet at conferences or meetings to stay in touch with them. Join educational groups. Join Nings for education, like Classroom 2.0 or the NextGen Teachers Ning. Create your own Ning for you and your colleagues. Share your own professional experiences or follow other educators. Upload and share your own videos or search for videos of interest to you or for your class.
Can I "friend," and therefore follow, other people? Not like these others. You can set up RSS feeds to follow other bloggers, but there really isn't a friend function for blogs like there is for these other tools. Yes Yes Yes Yes, you can follow someone's channel in YouTube to see the new videos they upload.
Can I create a group or join an already-made group? No Yes You can join groups but you can't create them unless you are given the privilege by the owner/creator of the Ning. No No
Are there forums to have discussions? No Yes, in groups. Yes No No
Is there a blogging platform where I can post my thoughts? Yes Yes, it's called Notes. Yes Yes, but each post is only 140 characters or less. No
Can I easily search for other people to follow? Not really. To find other bloggers the best way is to search the web to find lists of suggested educators. Yes Yes Yes Yes
What are the privacy settings like? Usually, depending upon the blogging service you use, you can choose who sees the blog - just you, select people, or anyone. You can choose what you want shown to people who are and aren't your friends, though some things are available for everyone to see. Privacy settings change frequently. It all depends upon the Ning you join. Some Nings are open to everyone and some have to approve members. In every Ning there are select settings for what you personally allow, though, and if you create your own Ning you have more privacy controls. Tweets can be shown to everyone or locked down and shown only to those people who you allow to follow you. Videos you upload can be seen by everyone, but there are other privacy controls for things like allowing users to share videos with you and allowing commenting.
Can I comment on what others say? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can I upload pictures? Yes Yes Yes No Pictures in a video, yes, but not just one single image.
Can I upload video? Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Can I upload documents? Not in most blogging services. No Yes No No


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