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10-11 Month 2

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Archived webinar:

Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: e147562d03554321a68834790d4588e3


After watching the archived webinar answer Month 2 questions in a blog post.

(NOTE: If you watch the archive instead of attending the live webinar, you must answer the questions for Month 2 in a blog post in the Ning or you will not be given credit for watching the webinar, and they are required.)


The slideshow used in the webinar can be viewed here:

(NOTE: This is the slideshow used within the webinar in case you want to review something. You do need to attend the live webinar or watch the archived webinar. Just looking through the slideshow does not count.)




Online collaboration tools:


Use Google Docs to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc.


What is Google Docs? Watch this YouTube video by Common Craft - Google Docs in Plain English:

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To get used to playing around in Google Docs, try editing our document - Who's On First (can you make Costello finally get it?!)


For help using Google Docs:


Dig deeper into Google Docs:

  • Check out Google Forms, which allow you to create surveys with results collected in a Google Spreadsheet. Watch this YouTube video for info about it.
  • Try making a Google Spreadsheet. Visit Google Spreadsheet Help for help using it.
  • Would Google Drawings be helpful in your class? Play around with it and visit the Google Drawings Help page for help using it.




1. Write at least one blog post per week about what you're doing with some of the tools/concepts we've introduced you to. For instance, write about how you could see using Google Docs in a classroom. Or write about a new thing you recently noticed in Google Docs and how that could help you, for instance the new ability to chat with others while working on documents.

2. Edit our document, Who's On First, to play with some Google Doc features.

3. Create a Google Spreadsheet, Form, Presentation or Drawing with some other MILI participants to play around with those tools. Share it with me, too, with this email - metronetmili@gmail.com


INDEPENDENT LEARNING INSTRUCTIONS - use these for self-paced learning and blogging inspiration


1. Could you use the Forms feature in your classroom? Do you have the need to poll students for information? Could students use the Forms feature?

2. Besides using online collaboration tools in the classroom and with students, how else could you use them? With co-workers? Family and friends?

3. Google Docs definitely doesn't have as many features as Word, but now that you're playing around in it, do you miss any extra features? Which ones?

4. Look at some of the other collaboration sites listed on this page. Would Google Sites be helpful for you and/or your students? How about a blog tool like Posterous?



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