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10-11 Month 1, Day Two catch up

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If you were unable to attend the second day of MILI training, you need to do all these things and then post at least two blog posts about using the tools discussed in these videos.


1. To refresh your memory about the difference between the MILI Wiki and the MILI Ning, view the first two videos under Month 1, Day One catch up.



2. Watch this video about Plagiarism-Proofing Assignments and the ART Evaluation of Assignments:



3. Watch this video about the Research Project Calculator and the Dribbling Lessons Wiki:



4. Watch this video about RSS Feeds & Google Reader and Customizable Homepages & iGoogle:



5. Watch this video to learn how to log into our webinar software, Dimdim, for our monthly webinars:



6. Don't forget to look at the assignments at the bottom of Month 1, Day Two Training for your assignments for the month!



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