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11-12 MILI Monthly Webinar Questions

Page history last edited by LeAnn Suchy 8 years, 1 month ago

If you did not attend the monthly webinar live, you must watch the archived version of the webinar AND answer the webinar questions for that month in a blog post.


Please put "Month # Webinar Questions" somewhere in the title of your blog post. And remember to answer the correct monthly questions!


Month 2 - Online Collaboration

1) LeAnn talks about digital literacy in the webinar. Define digital literacy.

2) LeAnn gives examples of how to use blogs and wikis with students. List some of those examples. Also, what are some of your own ideas of how blogs or wikis could be used in a classroom, whether by students or by the teacher/media specialist?


Month 3 - Online Productivity

1) What are RSS feeds?

2) LeAnn gives examples of how to use RSS feeds to manage information from many different websites. List some of those examples and also provide examples of websites you regularly visit which may have RSS feeds you could use.


Month 4 -Advanced ELM (Think Like a Librarian Part 2)

1) Of the databases LeAnn mentions, which ones might you use either personally or professionally?

2) What advanced database features are you looking forward to hearing about from the Minitex reference librarians? Could any be useful for your students?


Month 5 - Web Searching & Social Bookmarking

1) Of the search strategies LeAnn talks about, which ones have you used that you found useful or do you think could be useful for you?

2) How could you use some of the search strategies or those 21st Century Literacies worksheets with your students?

3) What do you think about Google News, Books, or Scholar? Do you think any of those tools could be useful for you or your students?


Month 6 - Copyright & the Creative Commons

1) For more items created on or after January 1, 1978, how long does copyright last?

2) Did you know what Creative Commons was before this webinar? If so, how? If not, are there any Creative Commons licenses that you may want to add to anything you create?

3) How do you try to explain copyright and fair use to your students? If you have never tried to explain this before, how would you try to explain this to them now?


Month 7 - Notetaking & the Backchannel

1) Do you talk about notetaking with your students? What are some of the things you share with them?

2) Could you see using a tool like TodaysMeet with your students? Why or why not?


Month 8 - Screencasting

1) Now that you know what screencasting is, did any of the suggested educational uses LeAnn went over give you any ideas on how you could use it? Give some examples or, if you don't think you'd want to use it, tell us why.

2) Would this be something you would have students use? How would you have them use it? And if you wouldn't want them to use it, why not?


Month 9 - Online Presentation Tools

1) Think of past lessons you've taught students. Are there ways you could integrate images into the lesson with a tool like Animoto or Prezi? Why or why not?

2) Could you see your students using a tool like Animoto or Prezi to complete an assignment? Explain.

3) Have you used any other online tools that could be considered presentation tools?


Month 10 - Wrap Up

1) Now that you've heard a breakdown of what we covered this year, what are some things that you didn't use much the first time through but may go back and revisit this summer as you plan your lesson plans for next year?


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