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11-12 MILI Month 4

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Archived webinar:

If you did not attend the webinar live, you must watch the archived webinar AND answer the Month 4 webinar questions in a blog post in the MILI Ning.

Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: 9d2c301bd2514c4ea408744693720cef

Just press the play button to listen to the webinar. To make it full screen click on the icon to the left of the volume that looks like two boxes.


PowerPoint used in webinar


MONTH 4 - Advanced ELM




ELM Databases

  • Databases provided by the state of MN
  • Search for databases by Category or the K-12 links


Database Exploration Checklist

  • Use when searching the database to try to find the best one


Setting up a search alert in Academic Search Premier:

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Setting up an account and managing folders in Academic Search Premier:

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Need help with research and/or homework?

  • AskMN is a service where you can chat with librarians about research 24/7
  • Homework Rescue, available through your public library, is where you can get homework tutoring online from 1-11pm
    • On the Homework Rescue page select your library and then find Homework Rescue on their page to log in




1. Set up a Search Alert in a database or a Publication Alert add it to your Google Reader. Blog about this - how could it be helpful for you and/or your students?

2. Explore databases that you haven't explored yet. Are there any that could be useful for you or your students for an upcoming assignment? Blog about it.

3. REMINDER: You should be posting 4 blog posts a month. Review the Expectations page for more information.


BLOGGING PROMPTS - use these for blogging inspiration


1. Use a different database not covered by Minitex and look to see if some of the same features are in that database. Can you recognize these things now that you know what to look for? Blog about it.

2. How could you introduce some of the advanced features to your students to help them better organize their information? Blog about it.

3. What are some of the advanced features in the databases that could be most useful for you? What about for your students?



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