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11-12 MILI Junior Month 5

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If you did not attend the webinar live, you must watch the archived webinar AND answer the Month 5 webinar questions in a blog post in the MILI Ning.

Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: 5ffd8788356a4812a0766787073362f7


PowerPoint used in webinar


MONTH 5 - Web Searching & Social Bookmarking




Worksheets to help students when searching:


Google web searching tips (all of these were created by Google):


Web Search Strategies in Plain English by Common Craft


Google News - a collection of news from around the world


Google Books - full-text search of millions of scanned books


Google Scholar - scholarly journal articles indexed by Google


Google Custom Search - create your own search engine with websites you want it to search


Watch this video to learn how to use Google Custom Search:





  • Make sure to add the Diigolet to your bookmark toolbar
    • And on that same page watch the video on how to use the Diigolet to get items into your Diigo account
  • For help, check out the Diigo help page


Watch this video to get started using Diigo and Diigolet:




1. Write at least one blog post about searching Google while using some advanced search strategies. Could some of these strategies help you find more of what you need? Could they help students better use Google?

2. Use either Google News, News Archive, Books, Scholar, or create your own Custom Search and blog about whether or not what you use could be good for you or your students and why.

3. Sign up for a Diigo account and start adding some bookmarks there.

4. REMINDER: You should be posting 4 blog posts a month. Review the Expectations page for more information.


BLOGGING PROMPTS - use these for blogging inspiration


1. What kind of websites do you direct your students to when they're looking for news? Or historical information? Are there elementary-friendly places you send them?

2. Google has more products than the ones we highlighted. Have you used others? Write a blog post about it.

3. What do you see as the biggest barrier when it comes to your students searching on Google (or other websites)?




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