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11-12 MILI Month 6

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If you did not attend the webinar live, you must watch the archived webinar AND answer the Month 6 webinar questions in a blog post in the MILI Ning.

Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: 530032a7a1f84560a789f09edaf82068




MILI Copyright Wiki

  • Visit the MILI Copyright Wiki to view more copyright resources and to edit the Copyright Scenarios. This will give you a chance to edit a wiki if you haven't tried using one yet.




What is copyright?


What is fair use?


What is the public domain?

  • Visit the Stanford Copyright & Fair Use Overview of the Public Domain


What is the Creative Commons?


Check out this fabulous video, Copyright Mashed-Up and Remixed, by Lyndi Finifrock, Betsy Dadabo, and Jessica McIntyre, about copyright, fair use, the public domain, and the Creative Commons in the U.S. today. It's really interesting to see where copyright was, where it is today and how it may hinder future creativity.


Use the Plagiarism Proofing Assignments information from Month 1 to analyze your assignments. Can you make your assignments more plagiarism-proof to help with students just copying and pasting?




1. Go into the MILI Copyright Wiki and look at some of the Copyright Resources and Copyright-Friendly Materials. Are any of the resources helpful when teaching students about copyright? Did you find any copyright-friendly materials you can use in class? Blog about it.

2. In the MILI Copyright Wiki, tell us your thoughts on the Copyright Scenario pages. Just click on a scenario to read about it and then edit that page to tell us what you think. Do this for at least two different scenarios.

3. In the MILI Copyright Wiki, edit the pages about District Copyright and Plagiarism Policies. Find the policies for your district and edit those pages to include the policy.

4. REMINDER: You should be posting 4 blog posts a month. Review the MILI Expectations page for more information.


BLOGGING PROMPTS - use these for blogging inspiration


1. What do you think about the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Media Literacy Education video? Blog your thoughts.

2. Have you thought about some of these copyright issues when it comes to the things your students use? What types of things do you mention to them about copyright when they are trying to find resources? Do you discuss plagiarism? Blog about these things.



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