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11-12 MILI Junior Month 8

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If you did not attend the webinar live, you must watch the archived webinar AND answer the Month 8 webinar questions in a blog post in the MILI Ning.

Fliqz has shut down their service. To access this video, email support with this video id: 48900fbfd5bd425bb0969f513f165ec7




What is screencasting? Read the 7 Things You Should Know About Screencasting from Educause



  • Make an account, even though you don't have to. With an account you can store your videos on Screencast-O-Matic and get a link to them.
  • Press Start Recording to start a screencast. Just resize the window to what you need it to be and press the red circle to start recording.


Suggestions for screencasting in education

  • Capture the process for something: math problems, how to format a paper, how to use a database, how to use a certain website, etc.
  • Capture an assignment. Pull up the assignment on your screen and talk about it, and if the assignment asks students to use software or the internet, pull up the software or internet and talk them through how to use it.
  • Make a screencast that gives background on a lesson and assign it as homework they have to watch before the next lesson. Similar to the MILI webinars.
  • If you are out sick, make a screencast highlighting what the students should do that day and have the sub play it for them.
  • Make screencasts for parents to inform them of: websites you're using in class, their child's online work and how you assess it, how to use your teacher website, etc.




1. Create a screencast about anything. It doesn't have to be something you even want to use, you can just do this as a test, so you could just make one talking about the MILI Wiki, it doesn't matter, but make one. Put a link to it in a blog post and write about your experience using it. Write about how you could use it in your classroom or with colleagues.

2. REMINDER: You should be posting 4 blog posts a month. Review the MILI Expectations page for more information.


BLOGGING PROMPTS- use these for self-paced learning and blogging inspiration


1. What are some things you've done in the past in your classroom that may benefit from having a screencast? How so?
2. Could those of you who work with older students have your students make screencasts? How so?

3. Besides the classroom, how else could you use screencasting? With colleagues or parents?



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