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13-14 MPS MILI February

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February Video

  • VIDEO: Notetaking & the Backchannel
    • Watch this video before we meet and write a blog post about what you learned. Please put FEBRUARY VIDEO somewhere in your post title.
    • If you watching the videos from school on an iPad, follow these directions:
      • Click on the link to open it in Safari. (If it opens in the YouTube app, close it. Instead, copy the link and paste it in Safari, because it needs to open in Safari.)
      • Select the button to override the block.
      • It will open up a new tab where you'll log in. Leave this tab open after you log in.
      • Then come back here and click on the link again. (You may have to completely close the YouTube app before you do this so it will work.)


7 Things You Should Know About Backchannel Communication


Rubrics for chat:






Go to SimpleMeet and start a chat.


Give people your chat number to have them enter the chat.


When you enter the room, change your chat name at the top.


Before you leave the chat, enter your email in the box on the right to receive a chat transcript.

Go to TodaysMeet, name your room, choose how long it will last.


Give people the link to your room so they can join it.


How To Use Backchanneling in Your Classroom - article from Education Digest, accessed via ELM databases.


Follow TodaysMeet on Twitter!


Notetaking tips from Purdue University's Online Writing Lab (OWL):



PaperPort Notes

Dragon Dictation

Click on Menu to create a New Note Set.


Use the toolbar across the top of the note to toggle between voice notes, text, pencil, highlighter, and eraser.


Video showing basics on how to use PaperPort Notes.

Press the red record button at the top to record what you're saying. Speak towards the top of the iPad.


Use the toolbar at the top to edit the note, delete it, or send it to email, Facebook, or Twitter.






Tool for creating mind maps.
A large, comprehensive notetaking suite.




The most popular backchannel tool.


Check out Mom, This is How Twitter Works for help getting started.

Create a social network for your classroom.





1) Create a SimpleMeet or a TodaysMeet classroom. Blog about how you could potentially use this with students.

2) Remember to post at least 2 blog posts a month.



Blogs should be related to what you're learning in the MILI program. They should be a reflection or examination of topics or tools presented for the month. For instance:


1) Write a post about how you could use a chatroom tool like TodaysMeet or SimpleMeet with students.

2) Write a post about notetaking and how you talk about notetaking with your students.

3) Try using Dragon Dictation and write about how this could work for you and/or your students.

4) Use PaperPort Notes and write a blog post about what features you find and how you could use this.





















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